Herrmutt Lobby

Herrmutt Lobby

Empowering Real-Time Electronic Music

Herrmutt Lobby

Founded in 2003, Herrmutt Lobby is a collective of musicians and programmers. Since 1997, the individual members of the group have released music on various labels – DUB, Studio !K7, Vlek, Eat Concrete, Thin Consolation, Catune, Detroit Underground – and across genres.

Alongside music, they’ve also devised and built various softwares, controllers, and apps that help musicians perform live with the freedom to express at the moment’s inspiration/instinct.

Their ever-changing musical universe grows through encounters with musicians from diverse horizons, most recently the Belgian jazz player Stéphane Mercier and UK MC Lord Rao.

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Woof Lord Rao + Cupp Cave
+ Herrmutt Lobby

Woof, out now !

« Machines were mice and men were lions once upon a time; but now that it's the opposite, it's twice upon a time. »


Our Projects


Music At Your Fingertips

PlayGround is a mobile musical app for iPhone & iPads that allows users to play interactive songs by swiping and tapping on colored objects within a multitouch and evolutive graphic interface.



The Organic MIDI Controller Builder

Beatsurfing lets you to draw a 3-d controller that allows you to design your own paths until they suit you, follow routes, take turns and cuts with your fingers and collide with objects triggering melody, beats, effects.


Le U (20syl)

The Interactive Skateboarding Ramp

The skater is the musician and the ramp is the instrument. He composes and decomposes the rhythm, he breaks down initial binary arrangements, making the digital human again for a moment.


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