Since 2003, Herrmutt Lobby is a collective of electronic musicians, handymen and programmers.

Separately, the members have had numerous releases on various labels [DUB, Studio !K7, Vlek, Eat Concrete, Thin Consolation, Catune.. ] since 1997.

With Herrmutt Lobby there are no loops, no sequences, no backing tracks, no groove machines. Their primary objective is to develop both hardware and software aimed at performing live. Their devices are intended for direct interpretation, producing movement-driven music in real time. Their live sets have gained them a solid reputation everywhere in Europe.

Their patches and devices – known to “do more with less” – have been widely acclaimed by the musical community at large. Their “BeatFader”was recommended by the Ableton Sound Design and “Sound & Recording” in Japan.

More recently they released an iPad MIDI controller builder called ‘Beatsurfing’, in collaboration with developer Yaniv De Ridder and released by VLEK. This application uses lots of concepts Herrmutt Lobby developed over the years, put together to allow direct interpretation with finger slides along a fully ‘drawable’ retroactive MIDI controller. It was out june and already raised lots of eyebrows in the music and technology communities, with enthusiastic reviews on TheNextWeb, XLR8R, VICE/Motherboard, FastCo and many others.